On the Edge of Ecstasy by Rae B. Lake (ePUB)

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On the Edge of Ecstasy (Sex Shop #21) by Rae B. Lake – Free eBooks Download


I am a small town girl a small town girl with big dreams. In my life whenever I set a goal, I accomplish it.
As I start my life here in New York, I have three goals that I must achieve.
① Land a job at my dream company, Mitch & Leve Corporation.
② Move out of my run down studio apartment.
③ Experience my first big O.
I walked into the novelty store that day with Macy because she convinced me that I would be able to find something there that will help me with number three. What I wasn’t expecting was the cashier to tell me about a class they hold in the back room. One designed specifically to help me and other people like me with my problem.
She tells me that Mr. Desrin can have me writhing in desire after just one class. He will have me on the edge of ecstasy and only with his guidance will he let me fall.
It’s time to scratch goal number three off my list.

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