Omen’s Oath by Sita Quiñones (ePUB)

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Omen’s Oath (Iron Scorpions MC #2) by Sita Quiñones – Free eBooks Download



I’m nothing more than a killer.
The Iron Scorpion MC is the only family I’ve ever known, everyone else that should’ve cared for me is long gone, including Lilian.

Years ago, I promised Lilian that I would protect her, I wasn’t expecting to have to go against my oath.
Now my ISMC brothers and I are at the end of a hostile takeover, soon we will control all Ché’s coke farms and have gotten rid of the so-called masochistic generals that used to work for him, including Josué.

Josué is arrogant, ruthless, and power hungry. Taking him down should’ve been an easy task.
I didn’t count on meeting a skinny orphan boy who would turn my life upside down with just one confession.

Josué is just another bastard in Ché’s army but now killing him will be so much sweeter.

He has Lilian.
My Lilian.

She’s always been the one good part of my life, too good for me, and to hear that Josué has her sends me into a dark spiral I don’t know I can get out of. It’s time I start keeping my promise. Time for me to bring her home, no matter what secrets she’s hiding.

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