Omega Kisses and Moonlight Dreams by Lorelei M. Hart (ePUB)

omega kisses, lorelei m hart

Omega Kisses and Moonlight Dreams (Vale Valley Season 5, #1) by Lorelei M. Hart, Colbie Dunbar – Free eBooks Download


What if your true mate is born too soon—fifty years too soon? In Vale Valley, there’s no obstacle powerful enough to get in the way of true love…not even time.

Alpha Carlisle knew his omega was coming. Fate had shown him his one true love in a dream on his sixteenth birthday. He even knew his name—Luca. There was only one problem…Luca wasn’t from his time. As the dream plays out every full moon, he learns more about his fated mate, including the year he was born—almost fifty years into the future. When he meets a fae, he is offered the chance of a lifetime…or a fate worse than death. Only time will tell.

Omega Luca hates parties, but ever since his sixteenth birthday he’s had a recurring dream about his fated mate—one he meets at a party. Once again he resigns himself to a stinky night surrounded by drunken alphas looking for a hook-up only to be saved by a flat tire along the way. He pulls into the closest driveway and comes face to face with the man of his dreams…literally.

Luca and Carlisle hit it off immediately, and as day breaks and they need to part, neither has let the other in on their secret—that they are their one true loves. It isn’t until Luca goes home and tells his roommate about his adventure that he learns that his alpha, the one that already owns his heart, disappeared over fifty years ago.
It’s a race against time as Luca and Carlisle try to figure out how to break the time loop created by fae magic so they can have their happy ever after—and so the baby growing inside Luca will have a chance to grow up with both his fathers.

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