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Oh Baby! (The Nanny Whisperer #1) by Calaria B. Monroe – Free eBooks Download


When we first met, I made quite an impression. A few sips of alcohol and I threw up all over him. We met again years later, but didn’t recognize each other. Yet our hearts must have known, because in just a few hours, our lives would change drastically.

I met Maxwell McIntyre when I was thirteen, drank too much, and then promptly threw up. He was seventeen… yes, an older man. That would be the last I would see him for seven years.
Is it strange to say that we didn’t recognize each other? Well, it was a bar. He was hiding in the shadows. Seven years since I was that gangly thirteen-year-old. Yet, I felt drawn to him like a magnet.

Then, a bartender who must have dreamt of being an apothecary, brought us some special concoctions, and so much more. I must thank that guy if he’s not in jail.

Max was in the midst of dealing with the aftermath from the death of his brother. He was ill prepared to suddenly become the guardian of his twin nieces. My life was headed towards a life-complication. Near graduation from college and in need of some way to pay off my schooling. Max needed a nanny… I needed a job… a match made by the magic of a help wanted ad.
Will this job turn into something more?

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