Off-Limits Bad Boy by Claire Angel (ePUB)

off limits bad boy, claire angel

Off-Limits Bad Boy (Ruthless Bad Boys #3) by Claire Angel – Free eBooks Download


He’s the man who makes her tingle all over. She’s the woman he can’t have because she’s off limits. They’re about to collide… and neither will be able to hold back.

I hate my brother’s best friend, Kade, with a passion.
The guy is such a jerk.
I swear he loves making me mad… or miserable.
And he’s really good at it.
So imagine how mad I am when we’re locked in a walk-in cooler together.
This is all his fault. He did this!
And it’s a life-or-death situation, but he’s still cracking jokes.
He’s still messing with me, making snippy comments.
But Kade is more than a bad boy, a jerk, and my brother’s best friend.
He’s the man who’s going to take my v-card.

Emma is the one woman I want – and the one woman I can’t have.
I’ve been in love with her for as long as I can remember.
But it doesn’t matter how much I love her.
I could get past the slight age difference.
I could get past working together.
I can even get past how she brings down all of my defenses.
But the one thing I can’t get past is that she’s my best friend’s little sister.
So I keep my cool and make her hate me.
That’s how I’ve managed to keep a distance between us so far.
No matter how much the desire to do things to her haunt me, I have to stay away.
He can’t keep his hands off of her. She doesn’t want him to. Their chemistry is off the charts, and it’s getting harder and harder to stay apart… especially trapped in a room together—alone.

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