Of Octopuses and Men by Misha Bell (ePUB)

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Of Octopuses and Men by Misha Bell – Free eBooks Download


My grandparents’ grumpy neighbor is as hot as the lethal Florida sun. And like the sun, he’s bad for me. My taste in men is the worst—just ask my ex and his restraining order.
What am I doing in Florida with my grandparents, you wonder? Well, my best friend is an octopus, and he needs a bigger tank, so I took a job at an aquarium in the Sunshine State.
I didn’t expect that sexy, long-haired grump to try to buy my octopus for some nefarious purpose. Nor did I expect to make out with him during a late-night swim at the beach.
And the last thing I expected was to run into him on my first day at my new job… where he’s my boss.

NOTE: This is a standalone, raunchy, slow-burn romantic comedy featuring a sun-phobic marine biologist, her scorching hot grump of a boss, and an octopus who likes to go on walks in his mobile tank. If any of the above is not your cup of tea, run far, far away. Otherwise, buckle in for a laugh-out-loud, feel-good ride.

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