Of Blood So Red by Sierra Rowan (ePUB)

of blood, sierra rowan

Of Blood So Red (Forever After: Crimson Snow #2) by Sierra Rowan – Free eBooks Download


A vampire princess. Seven hot sorcerers with secrets. And a journey to save the world.

With the help of my seven giants, I stopped my stepmother from destroying us, but the danger isn’t gone. New powers are rising inside me, ones that could damn me or save the world—but only if I can control them.
And that’s not all. A new danger lurks beyond the mountains, one determined to steal the power that sustains reality itself.
To protect everyone, my seven men and I must reclaim my throne—and with it, the magic my kingdom holds. But my people still think I’m a murderer, and I’m barely in control of my vampire side. Plus, to get home, we’ll have to cross the Wild Lands, a cursed territory overrun by feral magic.
There’s no way around the danger, and time is running out. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from surviving my evil stepmother: I’m not the naïve princess I used to be.
Anything that threatens me or the men I love better run for its life.

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