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ocean's blood, mireille chester

Ocean’s Blood (Crimson Moon Hideaway) by Mireille Chester – Free eBooks Download


For the past five hundred years, Thomas has had questions. Why did the vampire who’d turned him simply left him? Why was he one of the few vampires who could day walk? Why did he still need to eat when others like him only ate to keep up appearances? Why was he so drawn to the ocean? Needing a break from life, he heads to the Crimson Moon Hideaway Resort where he finds a surprise piece of his past.
Banished from her pod, Venice has spent most of her life on legs. No matter how many times she’s attempted to get back to the ocean, the mermaid can’t fight the pull to land. A trip to the famous paranormal resort turns into an eye-opening vacation when she runs into Thomas.
Venice knows with her whole being the vampire is her true mate, but having lived so long with so many questions, Thomas wants to be sure what he’s feeling isn’t a product of a chance encounter five hundred years ago.
If finding each other at the resort wasn’t shocking enough, the pair soon find themselves face to face with an evil that’s hunted them both for the past five centuries. Can the pair find a way to rise out of the shadow they’ve been living in, or will the events of the past kill any hope of them finding happiness?

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