Occasionally Yours by Hayley Faiman (ePUB)

occasionally yours, hayley faiman

Occasionally Yours (Astor Family #4) by Hayley Faiman – Free eBooks Download


He’s keeping a secret from his entire family. She’s keeping a secret from him. Their relationship has been occasional for the past five years… can there ever be more?

Lawrence Astor is stoic. He’s the level-headed one of his two siblings. Never one to overreact or cause a scene. Except, he’s keeping a massive secret from his entire family, and he has been for over five years.
He’s had enough of hiding, of his life being in limbo. Everyone in his family is finally finding their place and happiness, except him. They’re starting families and building their lives. Lawrence is still only seeing his own wife on occasion.
She has been keeping a secret, sneaking away from her home one weekend every three months to spend a total of forty-eight hours with her husband.
Rory Astor is living on borrowed time. She stays away from her own husband in an effort to save him.
Can they salvage their relationship and live happily ever after, or are they doomed to be separated forever?

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