Obsessions of the Heart by Kira Stanley (ePUB)

obsessions of heart, kira stanley

Obsessions of the Heart (The Foedus: Ambros Brothers Duet #1) by Kira Stanley – Free eBooks Download


I’ve had a hard life. Orphaned at birth and living in a small broke town, one that believes I’m a cursed child. The bringer of bad luck.
I tried to escape the stigma, to create something better for myself. It all came crashing down one night and my world shattered.
While dealing with the aftermath, an unbelievable opportunity landed in my lap. A scholarship to attend an exclusive university far away. This was my chance to start fresh.
With nothing left to lose, I take it.
I didn’t expect to run into a blast from my past. The Ambros triplets. My only friends at the orphanage until they were adopted, and I never saw them again. These boys are now grown and everything about them calls to me.
They want to make good on their promises all those years ago. They want to protect me. Take care of me.
The longer I’m around them the more I see their wants bleed into something dark, something obsessive.

I know it’s wrong, but why does it feel so good?

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