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Obsession by Lena Little – Free eBooks Download


The second my car comes screeching to a halt in front of her I know she’s the one. I’m obsessed.

Anyone who hurts her or comes near her will pay with his last breath.
This possessiveness is completely unlike me, unlike any way I’ve ever felt.
I’m a businessman, albeit an underworld boss. You can never grow attached to anyone or anything, or else you’re setting yourself up to get let down, or worse yet to get put underground…as in six feet under.


But I know without a shadow of a doubt that this girl is my future, and that I’m all in when it comes to her
I’m sick all right.
Sick in the head when it comes to her.

She’s consumed all my thoughts, my desires, everything I think about and do. A one-track mind that only pulls into her station. It’s unhealthy, lacks balance, and is exactly what the f*ck I want and refuse to change. At all.

I’ve never been one to believe in religion, luck, or fate…until all three suddenly make sense at the same time.
This girl has flipped my world upside down and there’s no righting the ship now. She will be mine.

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