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obsession, andrea hagan

Obsession (Memphis Magic #2) by Andrea Hagan – Free eBooks Download


They say some stones are better left unturned. I’m learning that lesson the hard way. My name’s Aubry Brooks and here’s the thing—I have myself a coven problem.
I found my mama’s book of shadows, and it’s clear she didn’t share my magical philosophy of do no harm. She was hiding us from someone, but meeting her former coven only leads to more questions.
When the Angel of Death’s scythe goes missing, I realize things aren’t what they seem. No worries, the Mystery Gang is on the case. For the record, my sexy half-Incubus boyfriend Damion Blackmon does not agree to our group nickname. The broody detective Chris Sullivan doesn’t agree to much of anything, but that’s his problem, not mine.
Pull up a chair and let’s work some kitchen magic. A word of warning—do not listen to Grandma’s nonsense about a love triangle, she’s delusional. Another word of warning—do not listen to Aunt Callie’s nonsense about a smoothie challenge, she’s sadistic.
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