Obsessed By the Prodigy by Roma James (ePUB)

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Obsessed by the Prodigy (Behind the Scenes #2) by Roma James – Free eBooks Download


Without her, we’re off-key. With her? Perfect harmony.

People take one look at me and figure I’m a tough guy. That’s just what happens when you’re built like a stack of bricks.
The truth is I prefer to settle things with my mouth before I involve my fists. Make no mistake, though—keeping people safe is my job, and I take it seriously.
That’s why when a colleague and I are tasked with protecting a virtuoso violinist on a world tour, we vow to keep it professional.
But that was before we saw her…

Gemma Hays is the real deal—stunning, insanely talented, and humble to boot. So when our boss assigns us to keep her safe, we’re all in.
Doing the job is no problem; never has been. She’s safe with us, and we’ll do whatever it takes to protect her from the stalker who’s threatening her.
The only problem is keeping our minds on the assignment—and off the way she makes us both feel. Because Gemma is the sweetest music either of us has ever heard.
And once we find out just how in tune the three of us can be? That’s one song we’re going to play on repeat.

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