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Now’s The Time (The Ladies Who Brunch #3) by Harlow James – Free eBooks Download


“Let me experience all of you tonight, Penelope…since this is all that we get.”
That was the agreement between me and Maddox Taylor, the NFL’s most notorious playboy and mega-talented quarterback who happened to be out in California for one night—one night in which I broke all of my rules and gave in to the undeniable attraction I felt for the man.
He wooed me with dirty jokes, 80s musical references, an obsession with Steve Harvey, and a very specific piercing. How the hell was I supposed to fight that?
However, I should have listened to my gut because my reaction to him wasn’t just physical—it was more, something I hadn’t felt since the last man I let in left me all alone, and I vowed never to fall in love again.
Six weeks later, I find out I’m the new PR spokesperson for The Los Angeles Bolts football team, a team that just signed Maddox Taylor to their roster in hopes of a winning season.
With his signature cocky swagger, he corners me in my office, intent on rekindling our connection, but the tables had turned—I was now working for his team which created a conflict of interest, and put my job and both of our reputations on the line.
But that stubborn man wasn’t taking no for an answer, and before I knew it, I agreed to date him in secret even though relationships weren’t my thing.
And when Maddox had finally had enough of me refusing to open up, I was faced with a choice—do I let go of the one man that I’ve ever contemplated letting in despite the rules I’ve lived under for the past twelve years?
Or was now the time to face my demons so I could hold onto a future I didn’t know I wanted…
TW: loss of a loved one, themes of grief

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