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nowhere to hide, stella mars

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Lily’s good at keeping secrets especially her own.
He knows she is hiding something.
But it doesn’t matter anyway he is her client, and she is meant to be protecting him. But can she protect herself and keep her secret?
Lily is assigned to Markus Tasova, tech god entrepreneur, to protect him from a stalker. Their chemistry could melt a nuclear reactor and they are both trying to keep it PG. That’s hard when they must pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend as their cover and live together while she works out who is creeping him out with their unwanted attention and unclear intentions.
The more Lily needs to do to uncover the stalker though, the more she risks revealing who she really is and what she is capable of. But no can know, especially not him and that is pushing him away.
It might be just another sad chapter in her woeful love life but this one is different somehow and she is falling apart as she falls for him. He makes her feel vulnerable when she has always been so strong. She wants to open up to him, but is it worth the risk of what will be revealed if she does? There may be nowhere to hide if she wants this to work.
If she can overcome her fears and solve the case there maybe a chance, but only if he can stop being such a gorgeous, maddening, control freak and dissing her intelligence and skills at every turn.
He doesn’t seem to realize he is not the smartest person in the room anymore.

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