Nothing To Gain by E.M. Denning (ePUB)

nothing to gain, em denning

Nothing To Gain (Learning The Ropes #2) by E.M. Denning – Free eBooks Download


Kicked out of his house as a teenager, Brett McHale is feminine, fabulous, and living with his best friend.
His job at a cafe comes with the world’s best boss and the only other thing Brett wants he’s unlikely to get because the men he’s attracted to never seem to feel the same.
Linden Jacobs is finally out of his too-small hometown.
He’s away at college, he has a new set of friends, a crush on a hot guy. Everything he’s ever wanted.
Everything in Linden’s life has changed, but he doesn’t know how to let himself have what he wants the most.
After meeting Brett and realizing his dreams could be within reach, Linden confesses his desires to explore his feminine side. What starts as an innocent friendship between two men bonding over lipstick and soft clothes becomes something Brett can’t breathe without.
Convinced Linden doesn’t feel the same attraction, Brett tries to keep his heart on lockdown, but he quickly learns that being femme isn’t the only thing Linden is interested in exploring. Brett wants to give Linden more than twinkle lights, but he’s not sure if he’s worthy of being Linden’s ultimate destination, or just a stop on the way.

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