Nothing to Declare: Fake Fiancée for the CEO. by Scarlett Finn (ePUB)

nothing to declare, scarlett finn

Nothing to Declare: Fake Fiancée for the CEO. (Nothing to… #3) by Scarlett Finn – Free eBooks Download


Yeah, that’s what I was told.
I have to apologize…
To the multibillionaire I contradicted in front of the world’s press.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. That’s what they say. In my defense, my suggestion he adopt a fake fiancée wasn’t me volunteering for the role. I only went up there to apologize, how did I walk away engaged to the CEO?
I have a coach to get me through it. A woman who knows what it is to be involved with a man in my boss’s league. Her first and most crucial piece of advice? Don’t fall for him.
Easy. At least, that’s what I think until he kisses me. All we’re supposed to do is convince his ex she has no chance of winning him back. That doesn’t mean I have to live with him, share his bed, or get naked with him… How come I end up doing all three?
It doesn’t matter, so long as I heed Roxie’s advice: don’t fall for him. I’m not worried. Soon it will be over, and I’ll be free. There’s no chance of falling for him. None… Right?

Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over.

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