Nothing Compares by Leigh Allen (ePUB)

nothing compares, leigh allen

Nothing Compares (Bad Boy Romance #1) by Leigh Allen – Free eBooks Download


Mallory was known as the good girl. She seemed to have everything planned out.
The perfect boyfriend.
A dream college at her fingertips.
And, friends who loved and adored her.
Everything was perfect–until it wasn’t anymore.
Now, her boyfriend has dumped her.
College seems like a faraway dream.
And, her friends can’t seem to get her out of her own funk.
It wasn’t until Mallory met Talon, that everything changed. The mysterious new boy with a body like a Greek God came crashing into her life and now nothing will ever be the same. Nothing will ever compare to him.
Talon is deliciously irritating, devastatingly gorgeous, and has a dark secret he can’t risk Mallory discovering. When the pair meet, Mallory isn’t sure if she can handle any more heartbreak, but Talon refuses to give up. Now that he has his heart set on Mallory, he is bound to have her as his.
With drama, heartache, and a heated love pulling this pair in, neither can back away from the intense romance they share. However, when Talon allows his demons to escape, Mallory realizes she has to walk away from Talon for good. Can Talon change to save the girl he loves? Will Mallory be able to forgive Talon?

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