Notes From Her Neighbor by Abby Knox (ePUB)

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Notes From Her Neighbor by Abby Knox – Free eBooks Download


As a panned Hollywood director, Kel craves a simple life outside of the limelight. His new neighbors don’t seem all that interested in the quiet life, what with their raucous late-night parties. Not wanting to make a scene — and preferring to stay anonymous —he decides a polite note in their mailbox may fix the problem. He should have stuck with passing notes, because meeting the girl next door face-to-face introduces a whole new problem, and one he’s not sure he wants to be free of.
Candace has a sweet life earning big tips as a beverage cart girl at her local country club. But she has bigger dreams. She’s getting out of Florida and far away from this meddlesome golf community as soon as she can afford it. However, the discovery of a grumpy note in her mailbox from her new recluse neighbor sets off a chain of events that has her rethinking her plans.

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