Not Meant for His Demon by Lilo Quie (ePUB)

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Not Meant for His Demon (Inner Demons #5) by Lilo Quie – Free eBooks Download


Jericho, made of behemoth’s horn and feather, was born the mate of a demon lord, groomed and well-prepared for the mate that would claim him and settle the debts of the contract. Life hasn’t been all sunshine and roses, but he lives every day in wait for his happily ever after. But when his mate never comes, Jericho is forced to mask his scent and infiltrate Firstlight Industries under the nose of Lucifer himself to find what has happened to his mate.

Malkiel Elend has been alone for longer than most demon kind have been alive. He is of the first, of the never born, of the endless. Malkiel, red of wing, whose fall was predicted in the breath of his creation, parted from his first love so long ago that he’s forgotten what love is like. Life has lost all flavor, but when the scent of eucalyptus and sweet summer beer tickles his senses, maybe being mated again wouldn’t be such a hardship?

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