Not Looking for Love by Amy Long (ePUB)

not looking for love, amy long

Not Looking for Love (The For Love #1) by Amy Long – Free eBooks Download


Can they overcome the pain from their past and give love another chance?Reed Langford is focused on becoming a US Senator. With another random socialite on his arm, he networks his way through a campaign fundraiser with no intention of falling in love or succumbing to a relationship.Until he sees her across the room.Drawn to her like a magnet, his intrigue only grows when they meet. Liv isn’t the polished, well connected and detached type that he usually dates. He should turn around and walk away, not ignore his own dating rules.

But Liv isn’t looking for love either. She’s been there, done that and had the broken heart to prove it. She’s just trying to make her best friend happy and meet people in the town she now calls home. Attending the fundraiser for someone she’s never heard of Liv has one goal in mind. Talk to a few people and maybe make a new friend. The sexy man with the bluest eyes she’s ever seen isn’t someone she can be friends with.

You can’t be friends with a man that hot. Especially not when he’s the first man that’s ever set your skin on fire with just a touch.But Reed’s not easily discouraged when he knows what he wants, and he wants Olivia Walker.Will he be able to win her over? Will she give love another chance? Will the ghosts of their pasts let them move on?

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