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not just my heart, em taylor

Not Just My Heart by Em Taylor – Free eBooks Download


Six years ago, I’d made the stupidest mistake of my life.
I’d told Lacey Kendrick, I wanted to break up.
So she’d kicked me out her car, told me to move my stuff out her flat and blocked me on her phone.
And the stupid thing is. I hadn’t realised what a monumental idiot I’d been until I saw her, after all this time, in a pub in Glasgow.
The chemistry was still there. I could still make her laugh, blush, want me.
But boy, did she still hold a grudge. I was going to have to work to win her round. Lacey was worth it though. That smile. That body. The way she responded to my touch.
I was soon to find out, however, that winning her over again would be the easy part. I had a secret weapon when it came to her … in my boxers.
It was becoming patently obvious, however, that six years ago it was not just Lacey’s heart I had broken when I’d walked away from our relationship.

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