Not How I Saw That Going by Jenessa Fayeth (ePUB)

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Not How I Saw That Going (Never Say Never) by Jenessa Fayeth – Free eBooks Download


Eating carbs and forgetting to fold the laundry aren’t my only talents. I’m also proficient at speaking without thinking. Which is how I ended up confessing my love to a stranger at the grocery store.
The same stranger who also happens to be a firefighter—a very grumpy one—for the exact fire station I owe a debt to.
I didn’t mean to embarrass the man, and I certainly didn’t mean to make him famous. That was a happy coincidence.
He could use some humor in his life.
But when I decided to be my own queen and take back my life, I didn’t expect fake dating the grump to be a part of it.
Fake boyfriends aren’t supposed to come with real feelings.
Moving on is harder than I thought.

Rescuing a little boy at the grocery store was just a normal day for me. Except usually I’m in gear and getting paid to do so.
Noticing his mom was not part of the norm.
I saw stuff in the war no one wants to see. The kind of stuff you don’t bring up on a first date. Which is why I haven’t. Dated, I mean.
I’ve made it clear that I want to be left alone, but it doesn’t stop my mom from setting me up with women I have no interest in.
I’m certainly not interested in Lyndi. She’s a single mom, whose carelessness made me famous.
Okay, so I can’t blame that all on her—as much as I’d like to.
But she’s there when I need her, and apparently, I need a fake girlfriend.
My best friend insists my heart died in the war, then why does it beat so fast when Lyndi is around?

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