Not His Omega To Love by GS Holmes (ePUB)

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Not His Omega To Love (Mates of Convenience #1) by GS Holmes – Free eBooks Download


All he wanted was to lose his V-card, but what he got was a bun in the oven instead.
Cody’s goal is pretty simple. Graduate from high school at the top of his class and be the valedictorian. When he starts dating the school’s popular alpha, he counts that as a bonus. As is the bun he has in the oven that his now ex-boyfriend doesn’t want.
Ethan takes one look at the shy little omega hanging on his son’s arm and knows nothing good can come of the relationship. He’s proven right when a pregnant Cody winds up living with him and needing support after his parents put him out.
The more he comes to the omega’s rescue, the more Ethan wants him to be a permanent fixture in his life. But a marriage of convenience with an expiry date is all he can afford. Or can there be more between him and an omega who’s carrying his son’s baby?

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