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Not For Sale (Black Ladder #1) by Eden Rayna – Free eBooks Download


She won’t be the reason I don’t achieve my goal.
Isabella Holt is putting more than a wrench in my plan to knock down the crumbling shack next-door and build a spectacular multimillion-dollar home in its place. I want her renovation to fail, but she’s more capable than I expected. Even worse, she’s invading my thoughts with the way she wears both steel-toed boots and high heels, as if she moved here to drive me mad.
When my Alzheimer’s-ridden Pops compares Izzy to my angelic late mother, I know it’s time to get her off my street for good.

He won’t be the reason I can’t have my dream.
It wasn’t intentional for my grandmother’s inheritance to be more of a nightmare than a blessing, but along with the dilapidated family house, she left me the harassing next-door neighbour and home developer, Owen MacLeod. Now, not only do I have to live beside this brooding woman-hater, but I have to manage the way I’m drawn to find out why he acts this way.
I also have to decide if I want to borrow more money than I’ll ever be able to pay back to finish this renovation, or if I should sell my soul to the devil across the fence.

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