Not For Love or Scandal by Cassandra Morann (ePUB)

not for love, cassandra moran

Not For Love or Scandal (Ladies of Scandal #2) by Cassandra Morann – Free eBooks Download


Miss Genevieve Morgan wants a baby, and times being what they are, she needs a husband to get one. Genevieve enlists the help of her dear friend and famed matchmaker, Lady Elinor Montgomery. Elinor wastes no time in selecting what she believes to be Genevieve’s ideal match, and, at first blush, Lord Sidney Cartwright is absolutely perfect. The only problem is that Genevieve will have to get through Sidney’s protective and brooding best friend, Lord Nathaniel Blake, who also happens to be rakish and almost unnervingly handsome. The two butt heads and, when such strong personalities collide, sparks fly. But when fate intervenes and sparks of an entirely different kind spark an inferno, Genevieve and Nathaniel risk hurting the one person neither of them wanted to harm. As they learn and grow around each other and together, everything they thought they knew, and everything they thought they desired, is turned upside-down.

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  • Not For Love or Scandal – Cassandra Morann ePUB



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