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Kane Westbrook has fallen from grace… Born from a wealthy, Christian family and living his life in Texas, the handsome, 6’5” former college football star and accomplished automotive engineer endured an unthinkable catastrophe, one that changed his life forever. He now isolates himself from the outside world, creating a cocoon of a false sense of comfort.

Jessica Franco is as level headed and calm as they come. She’s worked for years at the United States Postal Service, owns her own home and shares her space with a dear friend who can’t seem to get her own life together. Despite having a rather difficult childhood and being viewed as the ‘not so pretty one’ of her family and friends, she has not only survived, but thrived. Able to often see the silver lining in other’s misfortunes, she covertly rarely can see them for herself. Everyone loves Jessica, and though she appears well adjusted and centered, there are secrets and abundant pain she possesses deep inside, the kind of emotions that tear her apart in more ways than one. Suffering from always being the bride’s maid and never the bride, Jessica’s life begs the question, “Is beauty really only skin deep?”

Kane and Jessica meet in the most simplest of ways but their complicated lives intertwine. A bond of understanding and intrigue is formed that neither expected, yet, it’s too amazing to release. Fate came knocking, and they answered. The unexpected package of love was Signed. Sealed and Delivered.

Will Kane be able to escape the prison of his own mind and follow his heart to make a life with Jessica? Will Jessica be able to open herself up like the flower she is, be vulnerable enough to accept Kane’s love and most of all, believe that she is deserving to receive it?


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