No Reservations, Part Two by Viola Grace (ePUB)

no reservations, viola grace

No Reservations, Part Two (The Omega Next Door #2) by Viola Grace – Free eBooks Download


Her mates are her own with one waiting in the wings, now she needs to finish what she started and get a little revenge at the same time.

Olivia has been rescued from years of torture and is working to settle into a life with her mates, and the omega next door, and another feline alpha who wants to join their group. She is gaining confidence, friends, and now there is one thing to do…go on dates with her mates. Oh, and she had to finish a very important memoir.

Putting her pain on the page is difficult, but the reaction is beyond what she could imagine. A bidding war for her memoir spurs legal action and before long she finds herself in court. Does she have the right to tell her story with all the documentation that the Omega Centre found, or does her sleepy home town get to remain oblivious to their part in the most heinous act of aggression on an omega in the last two decades. Is honesty the best policy or should she forget about the pain?

Life continues and she finds that getting surprised by another heat is uncomfortable while she is having dinner with the in-laws and her mates can’t get her home. She is really glad that Ford has been helping her make friends because she really needs one now.

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