No Ordinary Love Story by Kelsie Calloway (ePUB)

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No Ordinary Love Story (After I Do) by Kelsie Calloway – Free eBooks Download


This is no ordinary love story; this is what happens after the book closes and the author writes ‘happily ever after’.

Once upon a time, I had it all. A job I loved, a house I adored, and my high school sweetheart by my side. Then cancer came and took it all away. My wife, Penelope, disappeared into the night. She wanted me to move on and find love again; she said I was too young to spend my life mourning her loss. I missed her anyway, and I spent years searching for her. Until the day came that she showed up at my store.

They said my chances of surviving the cancer were slim, so I left in the dead of night. In all the years that I was gone, I hoped that Romeo would find a new Juliet. But now my mom is sick with the same disease I had and I have to return to Westbrook. I thought I would get in and get out without being noticed, but then Romeo shows up at my front door. We’re both different, but the fire is still there. It just needs to be rekindled…

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