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Night Born (The Demonic Realms #1) by S.J. Sanders – Free eBooks Download


As a child I was told that, when a witch dies, it’s not like the death of any other mortal. With our power, death offers a potential moment of freedom where a clever witch might escape, and is therefore guarded most carefully by the elites of the thanatos choir who are assigned to escort the souls of witches to the afterlife. They offer peace and respite in their embrace, but I know it is a trap. Freedom exists in the non-corporeal realms for a witch powerful and daring enough to escape their thanatos.
And that witch will be me, Leanna Wyld.
Transported to the demonic realms by the aid of my familiar, I find my escape from the bindings of the mortal cycle and relish the new freedom that these new realms offer. Fire king Nox is the best and worst of this world: danger and desire. Powerful and feared, he is determined to capture me within his web of passion but has secrets and agenda of his own. There are new rules to learn, and new dangers that await around every turn in the dark labyrinth of his castle, and untamable desires.
I know I cannot trust this demon lord who offers me protection, but I have little choice because this world has taught me a truth that I hadn’t known. A witch may escape but one who dares will be pursued, and now the hunt is on for my soul. Worse, the thanatos themselves are not what they seem. Can I trust Nox enough to evade the thanatos and surrender to what is growing between us, or will the fates finally catch up to me once and for all?

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