Nico & Hope and a Partridge in a Pear Tree by Ellie Hall (ePUB)

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Nico & Hope and a Partridge in a Pear Tree (The Costa Brothers #6) by Ellie Hall – Free eBooks Download


Get married to save Christmas? Why not, I don’t have anything else to lose.

My Cinderella story is stuck on the part before the fairy Godmother comes to her aid. You know, when the stepmother and sisters torment her. To appease them, I work four jobs with no magical transformations or windfalls in sight, especially not in time for Christmas.
When a singing Christmas-wish-o-gram girl does her charming song and dance, I have no doubt my brothers are behind the goofy gift. I’m the baby in the family, but by no means tiny. Sure, I’m the youngest and most inexperienced when it comes to women, but I can find my own dates, thanks very much.

The guy from the pizza shop who I accompanied to the Christmas Market in town was cute, sweet, and someone I wouldn’t mind seeing again if I had time for a life of my own—and wasn’t trying to stop a vandal from ruining our town’s Winter Wonderland extravaganza.
When it turns out she’s my neighbor and her stepmother and stepsisters are shrews, I do the only sensible thing—offer to be her fake husband to free her from their clutches. Unfortunately, I’ve never kissed a woman. She’s quick to give me lessons, and I’m starting to think there’s nothing fake about this. Nothing at all.

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