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nice burns, mary b moore

Nice Buns (Cheap Thrills #7) by Mary B. Moore – Free eBooks Download


Regrets—I’ve got them.
Mistakes—I’ve made them.
And I lived with them every day. Wondering if I’d made the right choice back then or if I should have walked away the day my superiors called me into their offices to discuss the case.
I didn’t, and it’s something I’ll always wonder if I should have done it differently. Now I worked next to my son, and I loved every minute of it and the peace I’d finally found in life.
Until my new neighbor moved in and distracted me from the orderly course I was on.

My mom was a romantic. That’s where I’d gone wrong with my ex-husband, thinking anything the man did could ever possibly be considered romance. The divorce had given me back my freedom, though, and I had custody of my son, Cody, so I was putting it behind me.
All I was planning to do was to start over and focus on the two of us. Everyone had known my business back in Tennessee, so this time I’d keep my head down and stay in the background.
That was until I totally embarrassed myself taking the box from the bakers in town out of my car. To be fair, I was talking about the buns, but if the nice buns shoe fits…

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