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Next To You (Heart of a Wounded Hero) by Abby Knox – Free eBooks Download


When you live in a small town, a one-night stand tends to bite you in the ass. Especially when that one-night stand is Andrew, who turns out to be your grumpy new neighbor. The morning after brings even more news to me when I learn that Andrew is the guy everyone in Fate has a crush on. Every single (and not-so-single) woman within three counties has been trying for years to get Andrew’s attention. So now, everyone in town hates me. How was I to know I bagged the town hottie in one night? Well, they can keep him. He’s a total grouch who hates everything about me. Sure, it doesn’t help that I smile, wave, and ironically call him Squidward whenever I see Andrew from my backyard. The way he’s been acting ever since we hooked up? I doubt Andrew is the catch everyone thinks he is.

I’ve been doing fine since I was discharged from the Army. A contented, simple life fixing bikes at Rex’s garage has been enough to keep my PSTD at bay, until now. But lately, I’m feeling restless. I need more to do. More projects to keep me from dwelling on what happened to my platoon. So, I bought a small fixer-upper to occupy my time. I even celebrated the closing day by doing something I never do: hooking up with a complete stranger named Maren. Turns out that Maren is my new neighbor. That fact wouldn’t be so terrible if we weren’t polar opposites. Her house is chaotic. Her music is too loud. She prances around her backyard nearly naked and insists on giving me nicknames. If only she would stop dropping by to thank me for cutting her grass; maybe then I could stop being reminded of how much fun we had that one night.

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