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Next-Door Daddy by Sophia Bent – Free eBooks Download


My hot prick-next-door neighbor has no clue that he knocked me up.
We hated each other that first weekend he moved in.
Cocky. Obnoxious. Annoyingly attractive. My new nemesis.
Revving up a lawn mower at 7am on a Saturday? Really?
And he had the nerve to try and man-splain to me how to run my life.
Excuse me? I’m a lawyer and fully capable of taking care of myself.
Things got worse on Monday morning when I met my new co-worker.
It was him.
My maddeningly hot neighbor is now my officemate.
I knew I needed to hold strong to my boundaries.
Not let him get under my skin.
Until one night I let my guard down.
Laughs over drinks turned into moans under his sheets.
“Let loose,” he said.
“It’ll be fun,” he said.
Now I’m staring at a little pink plus sign on a stick.
Chris has no idea he’s now a daddy.
Or that I secretly know we’re destined to be together.
But I’m terrified he might have different plans…

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