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New Girl on the Bay (Bondage Bay #1) by Michelle Dalton – Free eBooks Download


Can the new girl on the Bay take a leap of faith and trust her heart? Or will the conniving actions of others destroy her last chance for love?
Annastacia St James bought herself and her kids a fresh start.
Having sold her house in Sydney, Anna packs up their few belongings. Convinced a change of scenery is what she and her six-year-old triplet sons need, after her ex, the boy’s father, rejects them. Ignoring the pleas of her controlling mother, Anna is determined to make a success of their new life in the distant seaside town of Bondage Bay, Northern Queensland.
But life has a few surprises in store for her and the boys.
Rhett Carmichael is a confirmed bachelor with a penchant for literary romance novels and hot summer flings. He is Bondage Bays playboy, anchor and savior. An enthusiastic surfer, farmer, and entrepreneur, he finds himself fighting an almost impossible battle to keep his hometown from turning to a ghost town.
When he finds himself rescuing a stranded mother and her sons alongside the road heading for the bay, he is left strangely beguiled by the lively family from New South Wales. Anna’s simple beauty and inner strength strikes Rhett with an emotion he’s never dealt with before. He simply can’t get enough of her or her mischievous, super busy, and inquisitive boys.
Anna no longer trusts her heart. After all, it was her belief that she’d found the love of her life in her ex-husband that got them all dumped and broken in the first place. But Rhett is a different breed. Unlike her ex, he’s ambitious but caring, soft but no walk over, and a damn fine specimen of a man too.
Can she trust the feelings this local legend has stirred inside of her, or is he just out to carve another notch in his belt?
Serendipity has them crossing paths at every turn, and both Rhett and Anna find they cannot ignore their growing attraction.
When both decide to take a chance, certain elements in the small seaside town interfere, spreading untruths and heartache. Rhett and Anna find their trust tested and the hopes of three little boys possibly dashed to smithereens.

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