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never my girl, s herrera

Never My Girl (Always, Maybe, Never #3) by S. Herrera – Free eBooks Download


Twice I chased after the girl I thought was my forever, and twice that girl broke my heart. It didn’t hurt as much the second time, but it made me doubt if my forever girl existed. So, I decide it’s time to take a break from finding that girl and focus on finishing my undergrad and prepping for med-school.
Until Sawyer Coleman comes in and everything changes.
As life throws us together, we find ourselves spending more and more time together. She’s everything I keep telling myself I don’t want—wild, stubborn, unpredictable and has no idea about her future, always just going with the flow.
Oh, and she also happens to be Knox’s little sister. The guy can barely stand me after all that has gone on the past year. Dating his sister would be a terrible idea.
Only the more time we spend together, sparks start to fly as our friendship grows. There’s just something about Sawyer that I can’t seem to resist.
It’s not long before I’m pushing away all doubts and worries, letting myself get swept away in the storm that is Sawyer, her wild ways and passionate heart proving to be irresistible.
But she’s hiding something that keeps her from being all in with me, with us. The harder I work to prove that she can trust me, the harder she pushes me away.
When her secret finally comes crashing down, lines get crossed and now, all I can do is wonder if the girl I never thought would be mine is really my forever or if she was just meant to be mine for a little while….

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