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Never Moving On (Never U #1) by C.R. Lee – Free eBooks Download


Being in love with your best friend sucks.
Being in love with your best friend while he’s dating your roommate sucks harder.
It’s time for me to move on.

The moment ten-year-old me laid eyes on the scrawny new kid in school, I loved Jacob Gonzales. Over ten-years of friendship, my feelings have never wavered.
Why then, did I introduce him to my gorgeous roommate? Call it a momentary lapse in judgment. Now, not only do I get a front seat to their daytime PDA, I get it in stereo every night.
Fun times.
It’s past time I move on, so when a sexy as hell football player asks me out, I agree.
Problem is, Jacob doesn’t want to let me go.

First game of the season and I’m left with a concussion, no girlfriend, and a best friend who seems to be pulling away, even as I try to get closer.
As if things couldn’t get worse, along comes Mr. All-American Cornerback who eyes Stella like she’s his next meal and sets my douchebag sensors on high-alert.
No way am I letting some idiot with a wanna-be anime haircut steal her away from me.
Because Stella is mine.
Even if she doesn’t know it yet.

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