Never Falling Again by Mercer Scott (ePUB)

never falling again, mercer scott

Never Falling Again (Falling in Maui #3) by Mercer Scott – Free eBooks Download


The universe has other plans when a quirky, broken-hearted nurse on vacation meets a sexy Navy SEAL… right after vowing to never fall in love again
Nurse falls for gifted surgeon and lives happily ever after. That’s how my love story was supposed to go.
Until he cheated on me and shredded my heart into microscopic pieces… and then I kicked his lying, cheating ass in the middle of the hospital.
My life went from picture-perfect to craptastic in thirty minutes or less. Did I mention that Chinese take-out may or may not have been involved in the ass-kicking?
With no man – and probably no job – I fly solo to visit my best friends on Maui. On the trip I was supposed to take with my cheating ex.

And men? I have officially sworn off men. Forever. The only man who doesn’t seem to understand that is the sexy Navy SEAL who steamrolls right into me and literally sweeps me off my feet.
He thinks he can change my mind. He’s wrong. I don’t care how many times he smiles at me with his dumb, perfect smile or makes me laugh with his dumb, adorable jokes, I am never falling again!

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