Never Disrespect a Governess by Dawn Brower (ePUB)

never disrespect, dawn brower

Never Disrespect a Governess (The Neverhartts #5) by Dawn Brower – Free eBooks Download


Miss Alexandra Matthews is destitute after her father dies and leaves her nothing to fend for herself. She is forced to seek employment and takes a position as a governess for the children of the Duke of Graystone.

Damon Neverhartt, the Earl of Seville returns home after being out of the country for years. He is ready to take over his family estate and accept his role as an earl. Thanks to the Duke of Graystone’s guidance the Seville estate is prosperous, and his family home almost completely restored.

He goes to Graystone Castle upon his return and plans to stay there while Seville Manor’s restoration is being finalized. He doesn’t expect to find a temptation in the form of a governess. Damon knows he shouldn’t want her, but he can’t help how he feels. When she mistakes him as a worker on the estate he doesn’t correct her assumption.

Alex and Damon are drawn together, but after she realizes he’s lied to her she doesn’t think he can be trusted. Damon’s mistake might cost him everything if he can’t win back her love.

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