Never Disregard a Wallflower by Dawn Brower (ePUB)

never disregard, dawn brower

Never Disregard a Wallflower (The Neverhartts #2) by Dawn Brower – Free eBooks Download


Lady Theodora Neverhartt has no desire to find love, and ensures no one ever really notices her. She is never asked to dance which she considers a blessing. Being a wallflower is a goal she actively tries to achieve and besides, it gives her many opportunities to watch the members of the ton without interruption. So of course that would lead her to trouble, and his name is Ezra Halsey, the Viscount of Carrolton.

Attempting to escape a marriage minded mother and her scheming daughter Ezra ducks into a dark corner and finds Theodora there.He finds her fascinating and cannot help wondering why he’s never noticed her before. He quickly decides to do her a good turn and asks her to dance the waltz. Not once did he consider that she was doing him the favor and disregarding her worth would come to haunt him.

Once the gentlemen of the ton realize what a true beauty has escaped their notice, Ezra has to fight for Theodora, and he fully intends to become the victor. The problem is convincing her that she is his everything.

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