Never Defy a Vixen by Dawn Brower (ePUB)

never defy vixen, dawn brower

Never Defy a Vixen (The Neverhartts #1) by Dawn Brower – Free eBooks Download


What’s a lady to do when her parents’ death leaves her family destitute?

For Lady Wilhelmina Neverhartt, that means a marriage to a much older man willing to support her, along with her four younger siblings. What she didn’t expect was for her groom to die on their wedding day and leave her fate in charge of his heir, Zachary Ward, the new Duke of Graystone. Billie hates having anyone order her around and refuses to be the good little lady his grace expects. Instead, she makes several demands, expecting him to heel to her commands.

What happens is a battle of wills that might bring the walls down around them. Zachary finds Lady Wilhelmina vexing and enchanting at the same time. He begins to defy her on purpose to see what she scheme she might concoct next, and along the way, it stops being a game, but more of a mission to win the lady’s heart.

Only a compromise will bring these two together, and it might be too impossible a feat for either of them to accept.

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