Never Deceive a Bluestocking by Dawn Brower (ePUB)

never deceive bluestocking, dawn brower

Never Deceive a Bluestocking (Neverhartts #4) by Dawn Brower – Free eBooks Download


Lady Carolina Neverhartt has one wish…to attend a school devoted to the study of music. The newly opened Pembroke Academy of Music offers everything she hopes to learn. One man stands in her way…Wesley Cox, the Earl of Sheffield. He alone will determine if she’s as talented as she claims, and he has no problem lying to her if he believes it’s necessary. After her audition he denies her admittance and claims her talent is too mediocre.

Carolina is furious and decides to investigate if he’s telling the truth. He only sees her pretty face and thinks her mind has nothing of substance in it. She sets out to prove him wrong on principle alone. No one deceives her without suffering the consequences.

If he won’t allow her to attend the school, then perhaps there is an alternative solution. She proposes he teach her himself…privately. Lord Sheffield reluctantly agrees, and soon finds himself ensnared in a trap of his own design. The question is: Can he lure Carolina to stay by his side, and remain with him forever.

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