Nephilim’s Destiny: The Complete Series by Tessa Cole (ePUB)

nephilim's destiny, tessa cole

Nephilim’s Destiny: The Complete Series (Destined Realms #1) by Tessa Cole – Free eBooks Download


To them, I’m the enemy…

I’m officer Essie Shaw and I have a secret that could destroy me. I’m a nephilim — half angel half human — and to the world, I’m an abomination, something to be locked up or executed. All I want is to “serve and protect” and fly under the radar. But destiny has other plans for me…
Partnering up with the Joined Parliament Team of Agents is my only option — and my biggest temptation. They’d arrest me in a heartbeat if they knew the truth. It’s dangerous ground. Four men. Four different strengths. And they all tantalize me in their own way. A rugged angel, a breathtaking vampire, a fiery incubus, and a warm-blooded werewolf are the men who keep me on my toes and curl them at the same time.

As my unwanted powers grow and life throws me more and more dangerous curveballs, I find myself falling for the very men who must never know the truth.

Now I need to do more than just figure out how to protect a world that wants me dead. I have to protect my heart.

Nephilim’s Destiny: The Complete Series contains all five books — Destined Darkness, Destined Blood, Destined Fire, Destined Storm, Destined Radiance — the prequel story, Destined Shadow, plus over 200 pages of exclusive bonus scenes. That’s over 1,500 pages of action-packed steamy paranormal romance with powerful sexy men who know how to share.

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