Negotiating Tactics by Kaye Blue (ePUB)

negotiating tactics, kaye blue

Negotiating Tactics by Kaye Blue – Free eBooks Download


In the courtroom, Alex is a force of nature.

Nothing stops her…until a sudden flood ruins her apartment.
Luckily her best friend has a place for her to stay…with a six foot four inch string attached.
Noah–her best friend’s billionaire brother-in-law.
He’s domineering, too good looking, and far too used to everyone following his every comman
Alex is determined to be the exception.
Forced to live together, sparks fly as Alex and Noah butt heads at every turn.
Until Noah proposes they resolve the tension with commitment-free affair.
Alex shocks herself by agreeing, but neither is prepared for the wildfire set off between them.
When a storm from Alex’s past threatens to put out their flames, she has to decide: Trust Noah that he’s a good bet, or forfeit her shot at love.

Note: This title was previously published under a different title.

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