Needing Arturo by Sadie Jacks (ePUB)

needing arturo, sadie jacks

Needing Arturo (Amatucci Family #4) by Sadie Jacks – Free eBooks Download


Trust and loyalty.
They can kill you or make you stronger, depending on where you fall.
Former street rat, Nikanya Pelaez built herself into exactly who she wanted to be out of the ashes of a life that raised her. Now she’s got everything she wants and works hard to keep it. But when something from her past threatens to steal it from her, she’ll do everything she can to make sure her secrets stay buried.

Arturo Amatucci has enough on his hands already with being the underboss to the local mafia family. Problems are something he deals with on a regular basis. But when his focus, usually on work and work alone, lands on Nik, his whole world spins. And Nik isn’t the only one with a nasty past wanting to dish out its own kind of justice. Together Turo and Nik will learn the true definitions of trust and loyalty when both are attacked. Will they be able to push past the events that formed them? Or will they lose everything they’ve worked to gain?

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