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nebulae, charlie godwyne

Nebulae (Sky Nymph #2) by Charlie Godwyne – Free eBooks Download


I pray, Angel, please keep my lovers safe…

In 2027, one year since emigrating from the United States to Austria, Ollie has settled into a happy life in Vienna with his two boyfriends, Moritz and Bryn. He has handled nearly all of his lingering debt, and is excited to embark on the next stage of life with his partners.
But on the eve of Fasching, Vienna shuts down. The Schöner Himmel coffee shop is forced to close, and with the mandatory ambulance service and the military deployed, Bryn and Moritz are called up. As his loved ones fall to illness and injury, Ollie works himself to the bone, helping his friends keep the Schöner Himmel, the Buchinger book bindery, and the tailoring shop running. With nowhere else to turn, he prays to his guardian angel, eager to seek spiritual refuge in dark times.
Instead of giving comfort, the angel challenges him to face what he is running from. Alone, without the support of his lovers, Ollie can no longer deny his greatest fears and must accept the test his angel has set for him. To awaken to the mystery and the forest of a myriad ways, Ollie must stand and fight what chases him.
He has found his home. Now, he must find the way forward.
“The path lies open before you,” the angel says. “Will you take it?”

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