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nathan, mary kennedy

Nathan (REAPER-Patriots #12) by Mary Kennedy – Free eBooks Download


Nathan Redhawk could be considered by most to be as dangerous as his father. He was certainly as dangerous as his twin. Retired from Delta, he was home now, with every intention of making Katrina Santos his own. She’d avoided him for years. Side-stepped him, blocked him, used every excuse in the book. But no more excuses, she belonged to him and he would make sure that by the end of the year, she would understand that. First, he had to keep her and her father alive. Miguel Santos was as much a part of their lives as anyone at RP. When his health fails and old enemies close in, Katrina is stuck in the middle. Nothing, nothing will prevent Nathan from protecting her.

Katrina Santos used to think that Nathan was the cute twin brother. He was always a little more vocal, a little more intense, but now as a grown man, he was positively oozing alpha male instincts and an intensity that scared her to death. Of course, if Tony LaBrada had his way, she’d be dead by his hands. When her world seems to be crumbling around her, Katrina realizes the only place to go is home. Belle Fleur.

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