Nantucket Solstice by Katie Winters (ePUB)

nantucket solstice, katie winters

Nantucket Solstice (Nantucket Jubilee #10) by Katie Winters – Free eBooks Download


A joyous wedding. A surprise move to the city. Doubts, secrets, and fears during a Nantucket Solstice that the Copperfield Family will never forget.
Sometimes change is a good thing. Sometimes it’s not.

Greta receives a surprise letter from a long-lost friend. What begins as a joyous reunion ends in her dear friend’s death — and endless confusion for Greta. What was her friend up to the past two decades? Why is she such a mystery? And what does it all have to do with Greta and her “lost years” at The Copperfield House?
Greta is consumed with questions. She sets out on a journey to learn more.
Meanwhile Alana prepares to marry the love of her life in a cozy ceremony at The Copperfield House. But her soon-to-be stepdaughter Sarah is off for the chance of a lifetime to act in an off-Broadway play in Manhattan. Alana soon finds her wrapped up in a world she abandoned years ago — and questioning if she gave up on her dreams too soon.
Dive into book ten of this women’s fiction series set on the Island of Nantucket. A glorious world of beautiful beaches, frothing waves, cobblestone streets, and a beloved cast of characters. The series tells the story of the Copperfield Family, their return to Nantucket Island, and their healing after decades of pain and loneliness. Together, they can be better than ever before.

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