Nanny for the Grumpy CEO by Aimee Bronson (ePUB)

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Nanny for the Grumpy CEO (Grumpy Boss #1) by Aimee Bronson – Free eBooks Download


Never fall for a rich, grumpy billionaire.
No, literally, we collided in the park, and I fell right into his sculpted biceps.

I’ve never been so turned on by someone so arrogant.
Yet, there I am falling for the city’s most eligible single dad.
To make this story even more cliché, he asked me to be his new nanny.

I know… cute, submissive nanny falls for hot billionaire with abs.
I thought it was stupid too, but I have a mother with health issues and money doesn’t fall from trees.

That’s ok, I can totally keep it professional.
Even when he walks through the hall shirtless.
Even when his hand accidentally brushes against mine.
Self-control is my middle name.

Until I see him swinging around his little girl.
Tending to her every need.
Well, sh$t, stick a fork in my heart, ‘cause I’m done.

Keep it together, girl. Your mother needs you.
But wait, his company does medical research?

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