Nanny for the Grump by Kate Lovelace (ePUB)

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Nanny for the Grump (New Harmony #4) by Kate Lovelace – Free eBooks Download


He’s a smoking-hot single dad and a world-class grump. I’m a runaway bride in need of a job. Being his nanny is my only option.
On the surface, it doesn’t seem like the worst job in the world.
He’s a total hunk with an adorable, eight-year-old son, and a huge house in the middle of nowhere.
It’s the perfect spot to disappear.
But even though the sight of his bare chest, glistening in the midday sun while he chops wood like a sexy Paul Bunyan, sets my imagination on fire.
Don’t be fooled. He is cold as ice.
The only time he stops grouching around is when he’s with his son.
In those quiet moments, I see his softer side, a side capable of love.
And when I catch myself staring at his rugged, handsome face, I realize he’s staring right back at me.
Who knew I had such a soft spot for calloused hands and broad shoulders?

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